About Us

ETS Construction Ltd. was established in 2009 by professionals committed to design and build projects in Energy and Construction Sectors. With its expertise in turnkey Fuel Systems and facilities, MEP Systems, and Steel Construction we have grown wisely, expanding our team and enhancing our capabilities in both construction and energy to the highest standard of creative problem solving and client satisfactory. At ETS, we are constantly finding ways to advance engineering, advance design, and advance sustainability. We believe in advancing client relationships through a strong focus on collaboration and communication. Achieving the client goals, we are the solution partner by generating team work with high motivation and flexibility. No matter how challenging a job may be, we have the design‐build expertise and technical capability to get it done. We have completed numerous large international projects and are comfortable working with different cultures, languages,building codes and construction methods. We focus on collaboration and integrated design, ensuring optimal results and efficient use of resources. Whenever. Wherever.